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Depression Gaming

An amazing community full of people filled with joy!

Please keep in mind that after joining the Discord Server, a moderator may reach out to ask some questions before granting you access to all channels. You can speed up this process by asking the person who invited you to send a DM.
That being said, we accept everyone into the community. Feel free to join! Even if you weren’t invited 🙂
While you wait, you may already register on the website using your Discord account.


Always something to do!


Our Head Lead Event Coordinator will make sure there are plenty events to keep the community engaged!


Our community is the perfect spot to hang out and relax after a long day or night of work. With over 150 members there is always someone here!

Dedicated Servers!

Depression Gaming supports several games with custom servers! Check out our Server Status page to see what games are currently supported.


Our server is focussed on people living in EU-timezones, however, everyone is welcome! No matter the timezone you are in.