Welcome to Depression!

With an ever-growing community, you may understand some agreements are necessary to keep the good vibes in the discord. Some rules may look overdone, but we have found the need for them to be essential to keep the server a fun place for everyone to hang out. If you would like to be kept up to date about events and other happenings in the server, make sure to select your roles in the ⁠✅-role-selection channel! These are used for announcements, but also LFG-notifications. This is an 18+ server, however, exceptions for individuals over 16 can be made with moderator approval.

General rules:

  • Don’t be a cunt! We want everyone to have an equally enjoyable experience, so don’t ruin it for others. Harassment, bullying, racism, hate speech, homophobia, or anything other inappropriate behaviour is prohibited. With this being said, we don’t want to ban the banter.
  • Do not continue a conversation or topic if asked to stop, and remain civil and considerate to others. This includes VC activity; use common sense and think about the people around you – we have multiple VC channels for a reason!
  • Don’t harass users on this server, this includes DMs. Abuse of mention privileges will result in server removal.
  • No discussing religion or politics. These topics can be divisive and are better kept in DM’s, or private voice calls.
  • No doxing. Don’t reveal other people’s sensitive information. What information is sensitive to someone is decided by the user the information regards. For some people it is totally fine for everyone to know what they look like, whereas others draw the line at the country or even continent they reside in. Respect their privacy.
  • Resolve issues with other server members yourself. If an issue or conflict arises, we ask that it is resolved privately by the involved parties. If this is unsuccessful, moderators can intervene upon request.
  • Keep content in the channels related to the name of the channel. For content that does not fit in any of the other channels, general chat can be used. If you feel like there is ever a need for a new channel to be created, contact Finn!
  • Moderators and other server members aren’t therapists! The server isn’t equipped to handle your personal issues. Although we care, we can’t carry the weight of your problems. Refrain from talking about heavy psychological issues and please seek help from a professional.
  • Self-Promotion! For self-promotion, please use the ⁠📺-self-promotion channel. Please note that advertisement of other Discord-servers are not allowed.

Promotion guidelines:

As you may have noticed the Discord server has several roles, each providing access to some different channels. When joining the server you will be given the @Megs walking around with sprint burst role. This role only gives access to the basic text and voice channels. You will then be given the @Average Blendette role upon approval, giving you access to a majority of the text and voice channels. The @Big Boi Dweet role is for active members only and gives access to the selfies channel, as well as the verified voice and text channel, for discussion with trusted server members with a well-established reputation. There are no set guidelines for promotion, in general however a few requirements have to be met. These include, but are not limited to:

  • You must have been in the server for over a month.
  • You must have a good standing with other server members.

The promotions are generally done by moderators. If you ever feel like you have been overlooked feel free to DM a moderator.


Ban guidelines are, as they say, guidelines. The moderation team keeps the right to make decisions based on their own insights in the interest of the Discord server. Moderators are generally considered well-respected members of the community and have therefore been given the right to enforce these views at their discretion.